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Start Foundation Kick-Off Scholarship Program

Aktualisiert: 23. März 2021

Despite Covid-19 around 200 Young Changemakers throughout the nation are motivated to learn, grow and bring lasting change to our country and beyond.

MotivARTist has been key partner for the Kick-Off venue on December 5th at Capitol Offenbach where the hybrid event took place.

MotivARTist powered by Heartbeat Edutainment has been part of this amazing Kick-Off event. Click at this trailer video to have an exciting look behind the scenes.

"Never waste a good crisis" is the motto of this year´s amazing Kick-Off of the START Scholarship program.

About START Foundation


"You want to meet exciting young people from all over Germany, implement your own ideas and actively help shape our society? The START Foundation supports young people with migration experience who are already or at least planning to get involved in society. This way for more information." (Source see link) START was launched in 2002 by the non-profit Hertie Foundation. The START-Stiftung gGmbH was founded in 2007 in order to independently continue the successfully grown program. The START-Stiftung gGmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the non-profit Hertie Foundation. Today the foundation is active all over Germany and has established a large network of ministries, foundations, companies and private individuals.

About the Event

The Kick Off Event of the 3 years #Scholarship program of young changemakers took place at the venue of Capitol Offenbach a.M..

Heartbeat Edutainment and the START Foundation are in their third year of Partnership. The MotivARTist Team powered by Heartbeat contributes as Keynote Speakers and Artist at the key programs of the scholarship usually in Berlin. This time the event found a #hybrid format streaming online to reach around 200 scholars across the country.

With the motto "never waste a good crisis" our Team motivated and inspired the Youth to believe in themselves and find create solutions for #Humanity even in a almost Full Time Online scenario. Our #music and #SpokenWord texts helped to foster collaboration and open create spaces for Design thinking processes.

We love teaming up with START as they are always friendly, welcoming and professional team players , it´s just fun and impactful to work with them. :-)

Pictures: Rico & Reza performing at Federal Scholarship KICK-OFF Program (Hybrid event)

Copyright START Foundation

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