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European Commission´s Social Economy Summit

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If you have ever experienced graphical harvesting and liked it, then you are going to love poetic recording. On December 17th 2020, during the event of the European Commission and the city of Mannheim, we were invited to interactively summarize the whole event and put it into a final recap performance of 8 minutes of spoken word arts.

Picture taken at European Social Economy Summit Digital Road to Mannheim event on Dec. 17th 2020. Credit: Sofia Art Photography

Wellbeing inspires Welldoing: Health issues and social protection, we are Building an economy of well-being. Let’s go for Press reviews and global attention, as we are seeking autonomy for well doing.

About the event

,,The ‘Digital Road to Mannheim’ consists of 8 fully digitized online events. Each roadmap event focusses on a specific topic and aims to connect different Social Economy actors in Europe in a highly interactive format, present best practices and use cases as well as provide first-hand insights in interactive sessions from changemakers all around Europe. The ‘Digital Road to Mannheim’ strengthen the social economy in Europe and harness its contribution to economic development, social inclusion as well as green and digital transitions.

The 17th of December was dedicated to the topic “Health and social protection – Building an economy of well-being”. To capture the complexities around modern societies, the European Commission aims to measure progress, true wealth and well-being by indicators that complement GDP figures but are more inclusive of environmental and social aspects of progress. Subjective well-being refers to an individual’s own assessment of their quality of life and their situation. Promoting the well-being of its citizens is a key goal for the EU and has gained prominence in the social policy agenda in the last decade. This includes differences or inequalities in health. A very important topic, not just since COVID-19.

Social Economy workers in service of others often work under intense pressure and as they seek to address the needs of others, tend to overlook their own wellbeing. The result: high incidences of burn-out, serious mental health issues and personal relationship breakdowns, which have a severe impact on organisations and the whole social sector.

François Bonnici, Head of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship at the World Economic Forum, believes “wellbeing inspires welldoing”. In his keynote he presented the “wellbeing initiative” and how the Schwab Foundation always prioritizes the wellbeing of social entrepreneurs.

Sessions included an insight from Paula Schwarz, Fondatrice of The Cloud Nation on “Forming The New Path To Wellbeing In European Healthcare” and an interactive workshop on “New Health & New Work – the dramatic changes due to Covid-19 and the opportunities for the European society” with Dr. Björn Pospiech from the Strong People Institute. The second keynote after the lunch break was from Greta Rossi, Co-Foundress of Recipes for Wellbeing, where she works towards a culture shift for a holistic understanding of wellbeing to enable anyone to contribute more effectively to creating positive change in the world. Her keynote focused on “Digital Well-being in times of COVID-19”.

The final panel included representatives from the European Commission taking questions from the audience and discussing the topics of the day and their relevance on EU policies.

The European Social Economy Summit is under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.With the contribution of the COSME Programme of the European Union." (www.euses2020.eu)

Our Contribution to the event

Poetic Recording

MotivARTist powered by Heartbeat Edutainment was invited to do the Poetic recap of the whole event i.e. to summarize the event and put it into a Keynote Artist program in order to conclude the event and interactively present the highlights of the whole conference.

The highlights of Keynotes, Panel discussions and remarkable moments were put into a 8 minute Spoken Word performance produced in #realtime on the spot.

The lyrical summary of the EUSES close up Keynote performance were as follows:

The Welcome note by Manuel and Björn,

gave us immediately wonderful return.

Mindfulness exercises with digital tools like the vision board,

help us to become healthy and focused and let our heart explore.

Cuz´ the human made environment is at its core: Body, Mind and Soul.

Therefore a global shift to Wellbeing is our common goal.

The Mandala Model of Health shows the current Sick Care System,

Since Hancock´s discovery in 1985 we can create a wisdom kingdom,

for our health is affected by community, family and mind culture.

If you love your work you might shine like a bright luster.

Dr Ulla Engelmann has been part of the welcome note,

Her warm hello filled the digital rooms with hope.

The EU Commission influences support and delivers services across health and social care.

Examples like campaigning for change and fundraising were brought to the atmosphere.

The call is to do things more agile with more flexibility

Dr. Francois Bonnici adds "the real determinant of healthy individual life is a healthy community."

The Keynote of the Director of the #SchwabFoundation

says that caring institutions and markets create opportunity and dignity

in every sector . The failure of missing health systems is our collective responsibility, so we shouldn’t ignore.

The Schwab Foundation as Sister organization of the World Economic Forum has created the Wellbeing Initiative. So let me add some numbers and facts to the narrative.

400 social innovation leaders have already impacted the well being of 622 million people in more than 190 nations.

Two Decades of Impact to support human centric organizations.

Exploring the integral link between wellbeing and transformational social change.

Well Schwab Foundation, I can feel that Social Change is part of your inner game. :-)

It´s good to see that we are creating institutions that serve us and not vice versa.

So let´s move on to the first panels to understand what their main words are:

Starting with PANEL 2: Lise, Oskar, Frederic, Alyssa, Rene and Björn,

Again we had some amazing fruitful return:

Discussions around New Health for Europe - healthier with holistic approaches,

There were scientist, movement artist, mental psychologists, who composed this:

The question was: Do we need a system change on this ?

The answer was clearly YES, so lets transform the system with bliss,

To educate our children and youth to look further,

discussion of Panel 2 ended in collaborative innovation to nurture.

PANEL 1 led by Paula, Abel,Hendrik, Brittany and Bryan,

Had a statement as key take away with a clear sign:

Forming the new path to wellbeing in European Healthcare

is a new foundation for transparency.

The role of money as means for exchange between people

needs some more #humancentric clarity.

So let’s use data more effectively for the good of human being.

I might come back to some tech conference to perform poetry like Ronan Keating. :-)

So before we went to lunch to do some mindful eating,

Panel 2 mentioned Albert Einstein during their meeting.

Next to gravity stuff Einstein also said:

Logic can bring you from A to B, imagination can take you anywhere.

So let´s imagine a new healthier world, to attract it into our atmosphere.

Quantum physics has amazing things like the Law of attraction to show,

after our lunch break we had Björns energizer to reconnect with the flow.

Let’s move on to what Greta Rossi had to say.

She gave us simple recipes for take away.

Recipes for well-being : Starters mains and desserts.

To find well-being which we really deserve.

Easy medium and hard; You can easily browse and find them all.

Today we had the pleasure to hear them live from you,

You even streamed from a small place in Italy, which I find totally cool.

For the final part of the event we moved on with parallel interactive workshops,

This is where joy begins so let´s do some term drops:

#NewHealth & #NewWork bring opportunities for the #EuropeanSociety,

Work Life Balance for some Family time with innovative digital variety,

The Well-being of Social Innovators has been at our core,

Insights and Challenges are hard to ignore.

Especially when social innovators struggle financially and mentally,

Let´s create awareness on this since we are a big human family,

This is much more than simple charity,

This is to foster #collaborative power and bring #clarity,

AI in healthcare can be great if we use it for the good,

Alternative natural medical ways are scientifically understood.

So technology and human evolving goes hand in hand,

So therefore I summarize one more time for what we all stand:

Health issues and social protection,

we are Building an #economy of #wellbeing,

Let’s go for Press reviews and global attention,

As we are seeking autonomy for well doing.

Like we have heard today: Well-being inspires well-doing

So let’s empower #SocialInnovators .

Remember to stay #healthy, #wealthy and #wise,

let your Heart beat and Soul shine.

To see the Full Performance on Video click here to get to Reza Solhi´s Youtube Channel.

At this point all that remains is to say a great thank you to the organizers for having us at this beautiful event. Special thanks to Stefan Jetter for the amazing video production, Sofia Art Photography for the pictures, Manuel Kreitmeir from Social Entrepreneurship BW and Dr. Björn Pospiech from the Strong People Institute.

Copyright: MotivARTist UG

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