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ABB Germany HR Country Event Learn & Network

Aktualisiert: 23. März 2021

The Heartbeat Edutainment Team amazes the whole HR Leaders crowd of ABB Germany at the amazing venue of Manufacture Mannheim. Employee motivation at its best as the whole room sings the ABB hymn for a better future, stronger together.

About ABB

"ABB is a leading technology company that is committed to transforming society and industry around the world for a more productive and sustainable future. By combining its portfolio in the areas of electrification, robotics, automation and drive technology with software, ABB defines the limits of what is technologically feasible and thus enables new top performances. ABB can look back on a successful history of more than 130 years. The company's success is based on the talent of its around 110,000 employees in more than 100 countries." (cited from www.abb.de)

About the Event

ABB Germany´s biggest annual HR event that includes the whole HR leadership crew coming together to learn and network and foster collaboration across country locations.

The event took place at the Manufaktur Mannheim, a famous venue for congresses and official celebrations. After Keynote and Panel Discussions around Technology and Digital topics as well as trend HR themes there were several Brainstorming Design Thinking Corners where participants contributed to new ideas of a more effective collaboration both as of now and in the future. How to overcome current challenges and boost creative thinking.

Our contribution

Where creativity is key, MotivARTist comes into the play. We summarized the whole event and all the emotional and factual happenings into a Final Spoken Word performance and we have also written a Song in Real-Time on the spot, which became the ABB Hymn for the night and beyond. Have a look at the video and get a feeling of how amazing and lovely the crowd felt while engaging in a very powerful way.

We are very thankful to Mr Jan-Christoph Schüler - The Country HR Director of ABB Germany who invited us and trusted his gut for we could be the right partner to enhance transformation processes for the upcoming years. Also special thanks to the amazing HR employees of ABB who made that Gig one of our most amazing interactive experiences so far.

The HR Community and Heartbeat MotivARTist fit wonderfully together because I felt high innovation, creativity, profundity, openness, sympathy, everything which matters most to us, therefore I found the collaboration to be very harmonious.

Jan-Christoph Schüler , Country HR Manager ABB Germany

I am amazed by the amount of creativity, spontaneity, and the in particular about the great tailored personal experience. I liked it a lot. I have never experienced something like that even though I have already experienced a lot of events. I am going to memorize this very positively and I am simply flashed. Thank you for these goose bumps moments we can take away.

Stefanie Pongratz - Head of HR Excellence ABB Germany

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