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Deutsche Bank & Social Impact´s Federal Finals of Build Your Future has been a total success.

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MotivARTist Duo as Build Your Future Residential Artists for the third year in a row.

The Hybrid event of Deutsche Bank and Social Impact leaves a remarkable footprint throughout the country, empowering hundreds of Youth to engage for Sustainability while developing their Social Business ideas. Heartbeat Edutainment has been again featured as Keynote Speakers, Artists and Partners of the venue.

Reza Solhi and Riccardo Montero during their Opening Performance.

Picture taken by Jörg Gläscher Photography at the federal finals of Build Your Future Hybrid Event 2020 a JV of Deutsche Bank and Social Impact gGmbH.

About the initiative

Young people face completely new challenges in the 21st century. Build your future wants to make it fit for it. The project promotes the necessary potential and enables young people to acquire and develop important key qualifications while working in a team to develop solutions for individual and social challenges. Build your future offers free teaching material, project days and advanced training - for a lesson or a project of a different kind.

About the event

Whichever team was able to convince the biggest crowd at the initiative camps is finalist at the federal final event of the Build Your Future Challenge. The teams of finalists usually go to Berlin, where will spend two days working intensively on a challenge related to the global goals ( #SustainableDevelopmentGoals ) of the #UN , such as “fighting poverty” or “protecting our climate”. This year the event has been streamed from the state of Brandenburg in a hybrid format having 5 Finalist Teams from all over Germany being part of the pitches. Topic of this year´s venue has been #sustainability and #climateAction .

The teams not only take home a great project idea that will make the world a little bit more special, but also monetary prizes worth between EUR 500 and 5,000, great experiences and many new contacts.

The event is organized by a taskforce of #SocialImpact gGmbH, one of the leading incubators for #SocialInnovation as well as the renown #DeutscheBank who is a strategic partner for #YouthEducation and empowering #SocialEntrepreneurship Initiatives.

Our contribution

After motivating and coaching the Finalists throughout the first day, we have composed and interactively written a dedicated "Build your Future 2020" Hymn as every year. This year´s hymn is a message about Sustainability and Climate awareness . A call to action and a common belief system for the change makers where they can identify themselves and act as a group towards society.

The message of the hymn mainly has been:

We build our future and are ready Together we stand for sustainability We build our future and are ready So that the earth remains We build our future and are ready For eternity, no way too far. We build our future and are ready Sustainability goals can be achieved. People, Planet, Partnership, Prosperity & Peace

Reza Solhi and Riccardo Montero at the Federal Finals of Build Your Future 2020

Live Performance Hymn about Sustainabilty. Picture by Jörg Gläscher Photography

Next to the produced refrain and interactive music part we have also performed a Spoken Word Poetry explaining the Sustainable Development Goals #SDGs of the #UnitedNations in a new innovative artistic way. The #Poetry includes speeches of Chancellor #AngelaMerkel as well as content of the 17 Goals and the so called 5Ps #People #Planet #Prosperity and #Peace . Have a look at the Live Performance accompanied with Background Instrumentals performed by Reza Solhi.

Last but not least we have also lyrically summarized the whole event while highlighting the main happenings in both Poetry and Rap.

The Build your future Final Challenge has as always been a remarkable get together of awesome #SocialInnovators who are deeply interested to help #changemakers and empower the Youth of the Nation to make ideas of SocialChange come true.

Thanks for having us be part of this beautiful cocreation and we are looking forward to the years ahead.

Build your Future Team 2020 a strong collaboration with Deutsche Bank and Social Impact.

Pictury by: Jörg Gläscher Photgraphy

More information on: baut-eure-zukunft.eu and heartbeatbus.de

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